Jimmy Clean’s

Scrubbin’ bubbles.

Ah, the excitement of launching a brand-spanking new retail brand…

In this case, it’s not just retail, it’s a high-tech, express car wash. Not your average car wash, mind you, but an inspired, fun, ‘better-than-new’ brand experience. So, we developed a whole new brand personality and identity to capture this experience; choosing a fun, engaging, and retro visual look reminiscent of the full-service gas stations of the 50’s. Meet “Jimmy Clean’s”, complete with a quirky illustrated character who shines, buffs and polishes your car to a showroom quality level of clean. And, now we have lots of room in the driveway to have a party…

Tactics: Brand Development, Identity, Video, Outdoor, Web Development


Jimmy Clean's Identity



Jimmy Clean's Building Signs
Jimmy Clean's Building Signs
Jimmy Clean's Building Signs

Web Development

Jimmy Clean's Website
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