Scott WilsonHair Product Aficionado

    Useless Info

    • (Soon to be) WCU graduate
    • Enjoys running but only before starting to
    • “Ask me what’s in my pockets, guaranteed to be a comb in there.”

    Scott has a hard time speaking in the 3rd person, but he’s going to give it a shot.


    Scott found his love of graphic design through photography and print as well as needing to learn more about how it was all made. After much research and a few major changes, he ended up falling head first into exactly what he wanted to do the rest of his life. Scott plans to eventually start his own design and marketing firm after college and wants to get into freelancing as soon as possible.


    Scott currently works in WCU’s Campus Recreation Center as their sole designer/marketing person. If he isn’t there, head out to the campus trails and you’ll probably find him running.

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